My top 10 healthy kid friendly meals

Kid food is a bit of a hot-button subject these days. Remember when we were kids and we got along with a processed cheese or bologna sandwich for lunch and Kraft mac and cheese for dinner?

Thankfully, as our culture has become more educated about food, we’ve also brought our kids along for the ride. We understand that what we put in our bodies as long-term effects. And parents know that means they need to feed their kids good food.

My most-requested blog topic is kid food, so here we are. But kids can be pretty picky, so what are you to do?

A word of caution: I’m not a parent or parenting expert. I am definitely not here to tell you how to feed your kids, or how to raise functional, emotionally healthy adults.

All I can do is share some of the most kid-friendly meals I know of – and things I serve when I’m looking after wee ones in my family.

Here are my top 10 healthy kid-friendly meals (and most of them can be made in 20 minutes or less).



1.     Chicken Fingers: A kid favourite, but this one’s made without all the extras growing bodies don’t need.

2.     Fish Sticks: Battered and baked – no frying here! A super way to give your kids really good stuff without them knowing. Shhhhh.

3.     Burgers: A true family favourite, these burgers are even tastier than take out. Your kids will start making special requests!

4.     Souvlaki: Great finger food that is often served with rice (another big hit with kids) and very tasty sauces.

5.     Cheesy Taco Pasta: Even the pickiest kids love tacos! This makes a pasta dish into a fun weeknight dish your kids will look forward to.



6.     Popcorn Chicken and Mashed Potatoes: A tasty favourite without all the oils – you’ll make your family think they’re eating junk when they’re not.

7.     Pizza: Super easy to customize – you can even make individual sizes! – but without all the extras that come with ordering in.

8.     Spaghetti and Meatballs: Who doesn’t love this one??!

9.     Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese: Skip the boxed mac and cheese and go straight to this healthy twist on an old reliable meal.

10.   Sloppy Joe’s: With veggies and a whole grain bun, you’ll be on your way to a tasty dinner they can’t say no to.

Give these a try and see how they go over with your family. Don’t worry if they don’t love it. Try it again another time, tweak it until they do, or just move on to another one. I know how crazy your life can be, so be kind to yourself because you’re doing the best you can today!

Pop over to my Instagram and tell me your favourite healthy kid-friendly meals! I would love for you to share your tips and tricks for getting your little ones to eat well.

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