My top 3 tips for beating the winter blues

It’s cold outside. There’s a snow storm. There’s ice, wind, and sometimes even sleet. It’s gray and the sun doesn’t shine that much.

It can be hard to stay up and happy through the winter season. (Not me! I love the winter, but I know not everyone is like this.) The dark days and cold weather can just plan bum you out!

Even though I like the winter, I can still get a little down during this season, so I’ve invested some time in figuring out ways to make the best of it. I boost my mood with three major things: sleep, activity, and food.

Here’s what I do when the weather outside is frightful!


Keep Your Sleep on Schedule

It’s true that keeping yourself on a routine of same time to bed and same time getting up has a definite effect on your mood and energy levels.

Do you find sleeping in sometimes gives you a headache or makes you feel groggy during the day? This is a direct effect of going off your sleep routine.

Set a bedtime and stick to it. Make sure you do at least 30 minutes of winding down before trying to sleep. Shut off the TV and read or listen to a podcast or audiobook and do a craft you like. You can even chat quietly with a friend or partner.

Give it a try for a week and see if it helps you feel brighter, more alert, and better able to handle your day.


Get Active!

Daily activity is great for you on so many levels! Talk to any doctor, naturopath, fitness coach and they will all say we need to be active for at least 30 minutes every day.

This is tough during the bad weather months, but it’s worth it try to get out for a 30-minute walk on good days. If you really hate that, try doing a walk around a mall for the same amount of time. (Just don’t shop too much!) And if leaving the house at all is too much, have a private dance party in your living room. (No one will see you but your dog!) Check out local pools in your area and go for a swim.

You can also try easy home exercises like Epicure’s 7 minute routine. It’s quick, easy, and builds muscle, so you honestly have no excuse.


Eat Clean

The fastest way to brighten my day is to eat whole, colourful fruits and veggies. Make your plate a rainbow! The more colourful veggies and fruit you eat the more nutrition you give your body, which in turns gives your mood a boost. (Plus! It’s really tasty.)

Getting creative in the kitchen is another way to boost your mood, seeing and tasting your creations with really get those endorphins going.



All these ideas are about giving love to yourself. In turn, that gives love to your loved ones, which is a huge way to boost your mood and the moods of all around you. Share this time with someone you love: Dance together! Create a meal together, then eat it at the table with no TV and chat.

Remember: Taking care of yourself first is important, especially when you’re feeling a little blue.

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