Eating clean on the GO!

One of the biggest challenges about eating clean as a lifestyle is eating out. In today’s world, it’s not that difficult, it simply takes research – knowing where to eat and what you would most like to avoid at a restaurant can take work, but it’s worth it. (Plus! Those restaurants are creating some of the tastiest dishes out there!)

The second biggest challenge, of course, is eating on the go.

If you’re not a “get up early, make breakfast and eat a leisurely pace” kind of person, you probably need something portable (and fast) to eat in the morning.

If you’re not a “sandwich and salad” kind of person for lunch, you might find yourself avoiding eating what you brought and standing in the convenience store closest to work, staring at their chips when you’re hungry.

Or maybe you’re a mom who has to feed you and your kids between ballet and soccer practice.

It’s super tough. But, like everything with eating clean, it just takes a little bit of planning and knowing what your favourite on-the-go meals are to get over this hump and avoid the food additives you don’t want.

These are my top tips for eating clean on the go.

“Lunch” Bags

As with everything in life, this is key. Make sure you can’t say, “I have nothing to take it in…” again – but more than that, get stuff you don’t just have, get stuff you love to use.

Insulated food bags — because they’re not just for lunch anymore — have come a long way. Today, they come in lots of styles and with lots of different storage configurations. Get something you think is cute or hilarious, but make sure it’s usable. Test it out with your containers to see if they fit.

And don’t forget to look at bags to keep your warm and cool things separate. Unless you were trying to make a warm salad, you’ll have wilted lettuce by lunch if you put it on top of your lasagna.

Containers for taking food on the go


Get the right containers

Speaking of containers, don’t forget to make sure you have a wide variety of sizes and purposes. If you take salads a lot, make sure you have a small container for dressing. If you like to have curries, make sure you’ve got a good-sized container with a divider, so your rice doesn’t get soggy. Think about your lunchtime favourites and shop directly to those needs.

One of my personal favourites is to get some prep bowls with lids and make my hummus, guacamole and yogurt with me. They’re already in their containers for dipping and perfect for pulling out to eat anywhere.

Prep bowls with lids for dips and sauces on the go


Prepare with travel in mind

When you’re planning your week, plan to make your food with travel in mind. Making granola bars? Great! Make them in a portioned pan, so they’re already travel-sized when they come out – less cutting and portioning for you!

My favourite of these are protein muffins, granola bars, and breakfast cookies. You can fill them with fruit, protein, and fibre. I also love Epicure’s zucchini cheese bread because you can add veggies into the mix, too. (Hiding veggies in food is one of my all-time top tips.)

Portioned granola bars


Focus on Finger Foods

Keeping portability in mind, don’t forget that many of the foods you might think of only as “eat at home” can be made in finger-food sizes and easily portioned for lunch. Try some pakoras and falafels in 2 tbsp fritters for a delicious meal on-the-go.

Obviously, this also goes for veggies. Chop them small and take some dip with you (in those covered prep bowls I mentioned above!) and between the two, you’ve got nutritious options that keep you from stopping for fast food.

Finger-food-sized pakoras


These tips always help me keep on track with eating clean. I would love to hear what you do to prepare to eat on the go. Pop over to my Instagram and tell me all your eating on the go secrets.

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