Tacos: A delicious meal solution

Can we talk about tacos for a second?

Obviously, tacos have been around for a really long time, but they’ve made a comeback in a big way in recent years (Taco Tuesday, anyone?)

There are lots of reasons to love tacos, but the reason I love them is their versatility. They’re a perfect meal solution because they’re so easy to make your way.

Personally, I could eat tacos every day for a week and not get tired of them. They’re super quick to make and there are so many different varieties, types, options out there that I never get bored. Plus! They’re a great way to use up leftovers, too.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me show you.

Let’s start with what is a taco.

The dictionary says a taco is a Mexican street food in a form of wrap like a tortilla, filled with various blends of protein and veggies.

Based on this definition there are infinite versions of tacos out there!

Whether you call it a taco or a wrap there are so many delicious versions you can create with so many seasonings, different proteins, and veggies mixtures.

Still skeptical? Well, then here’s more than a week work of amazing taco dinners for you to try and love. 

The regular taco

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

This is the taco you’re probably most familiar with, the standard ground beef with tomatoes and lettuce. You can spice it up by making your own salsa and crema to go with it. You can always substitute ground pork, chicken, or turkey in place of the beef for even more flavour combinations. Don’t forget the cilantro to make it truly authentic. Check out the classic recipe here. And if you’re looking for clean eating and authenticity, you can even make your own tortillas. You can make your own! Check out this corn tortilla recipe.


Pulled meat tacos

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

Pulled pork or chicken make amazing additions to your taco. Whether you bake it, slow cook it, or stir-fry it in your favourite seasonings, you’ve got a whole world of awesome flavours open to you. Top them with your favourite veggies and you’re all set. Here’s my favourite recipe: Pulled Pork Tacos.


Asian-inspired tacos

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

Anything that would work well in a stir-fry will work well in a taco, it’s all in the way you prepare it. Use your favourite protein, cut it into slightly smaller pieces (or use a ground version), and stir fry it with your favourite seasoning and add your favourite fresh veggies. Check out this recipe for more ideas: Asian Tacos.

Asian-inspired tacos also work great in alternative wraps. Try lettuce or cabbage as your wrap or “shell” for a fresh twist (or if you’re watching your carbs). Check these wraps out for ideas: Easy Asian Lettuce Wraps.


Fish tacos

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

These have made their way onto menus in many places, but that’s only because they’re so delicious! You can use tuna, salmon, white fish, and shrimp as your protein. The list is as endless as the types of fish in the sea.

Here’s one of my favourite recipes for fish tacos: Fab Fish Taco. And, because I love seafood tacos so much, here’s my favourite shrimp taco recipe: Chipotle Grilled Shrimp Tacos.


Vegan tacos

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

Hey, tacos aren’t just for meat-eaters! You can replace the meat protein with any other protein and still have a whole, delicious meal. Try lentils, black beans, jackfruit, or tofu. Here’s two great recipes to get you started: Vegan Taco Filling and Huevos Rancheros.


All the fixings

Source: Epicure.com

Source: Epicure.com

One of the best things about the versatility of tacos is that you can change any part of them and still have a tasty meal. In the Asian-inspired section above I mentioned wrapping in lettuce or cabbage, but what about eating them “naked”? Or using the filling with your favourite greens as a salad? What about using zucchini boats?

Any seasonings you love can be used on all forms of protein. You can use taco or fajita seasonings on jackfruit, lentils, fish, and ground cashews. And, of course, you can use any pork or chicken seasoning on your taco proteins.


I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the versatility of tacos in your meal plans. I also hope I’ve given you a glimpse into how easy it is to take a food staple and make it to your own tastes. Remember: food is an adventure!

Hope over to my Instagram and tell me what your favourite ways to make tacos are. Are you more lettuce wrap or tortilla? Do you like pulled meat or ground? Pop over to my Instagram post and tell me!

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